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Benefits of Shopping in Brick and Mortar Stores for Antiques

While many consumers these days are trading bricks for clicks online when it comes to retail shopping, antique buyers still prefer the conventional way of discovering fabulous finds in antique shops. There are plenty of benefits of shopping in brick and mortar stores for antiques, and you will read about some of them in this post.

While it cannot be denied that online retailers are creating a buzz in today's digital age, many businesses understand that having a brick and mortar store to serve browsing customers still has a place in our society. According to McKinsey & Company, more than 80% of US retail sales will still occur in physical stores in 2020. At the same time, there's also a growing trend in which online retailers go from clicks to bricks; establishing brick and mortar stores after their online success.

Even though plenty of websites now offer an easy way to buy antiques online, it is clear that antique buyers prefer to shop in a brick and mortar store for antiques. Here are some of the benefits that come with this traditional way of shopping:

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An Authentic Antiquing Journey

Perhaps one of the biggest joys of antiquing is scouring an antique shop full of treasures, awaiting your discovery. It is entirely different from opening a website and browsing through pages filled with images of antiques. As a seasoned antique buyer, it is part of the excitement to unearth fabulous finds as you make your way down aisles of shelves stocked with beautiful antiques. Sometimes, old school is a trend that never dies.

Better Visual and Tactile Experience

Although today's technology makes it extremely easy for antique buyers to view images of antiques for sale online and zoom in to get a better look, nothing beats having the antique in your hands where you can have an up close and personal look at the item. The tactile experience is only possible in brick and mortar store shopping, and it matters when it comes to buying antiques. By viewing the antique in person and holding it, you can make more accurate assessments on whether the antique is genuine, its potential value, its current condition, and more.

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Convenient Access to Expert Advice

When you are shopping in brick and mortar stores for antiques, you can always ask the shop owner or the sales assistant for more information about a certain piece of antique you are interested in. Many antique sellers enjoy talking about their stocked antiques because it's their passion. From having a face to face conversation with the antique seller, you will be able to discover many precious details about the antique you want to buy. Although online antique sellers will be willing to furnish details when you ask questions, the convenience level is never quite the same as talking to a seller in person. What's more, with rampant online scams these days, it takes much more research and luck to truly find an antique seller who's being truthful with you.

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No Shipping Worries to Tackle

If you have decided to buy an antique at a brick and mortar store, all you have to do is to pay for the item and take it by hand with you. However, when you buy online, it is unusual to have the seller deliver the item by hand to you. In most cases, the antique you have bought will be shipped to you. Anything can happen during the shipping process, and damage is one of those possibilities. Even if your purchase is insured, getting money compensation for a cracked Midcentury Italian Decanter is never quite enough to make up for things.

As you can see, shopping for antiques at a physical retail location has many benefits to offer. If you want to reap some of these benefits, why not pay us a visit at Showplace Antique & Design Center today where we promise a unique antiquing experience that is unparalleled?

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