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For the Love of Tea

The Jin Yun Fu Tea Shop is run by Olivia and Valerie Lin, two experts in the fine art of tea appreciation.

"In China, drinking tea is almost as important and vital as drinking water on a daily basis"

After more than 20 years of operating a very successful family business in Shanghai and Fujian, the Lins bring the authentic  Chinese Tea experience to Showplace. Now  they are serving their extensive knowledge of Chinese tea culture to New York City and what a great fit!

In the past few years, we have seen the rise of interest and sales in refined teas, Chinese tea culture and antique tea serving ware.  People are becoming more aware of the vast varieties of Chinese tea and are searching for that authentic and unique tasting experience.

Many high end hotels have begun to employ tea sommeliers to help accommodate their guests palate. The Gotham Lounge at the Peninsula Hotel has revisited its afternoon tea experience with a certified tea expert. Restaurants like the famed Eleven Madison Park have rolled out an impressive tea list and run their own tea appreciation programs to teach diners how to expertly pair food with tea.

The table is set for a gong-fu style tea ceremony

In the near future the Jin Yun Fu tea Shop will set up its own tea ceremony classes. Students will be taught to perform a Chinese tea ceremony in the traditional gong-fu style with the help of a gaiwan, the customary lidded bowl and saucer that's been used since the Ming dynasty.

They will learn how to properly savor and appreciate different types of tea and will also be able to understand what makes the difference between low and high quality tea. A traditional tea ceremony is considered to be an intimate act between the server and the drinker, and requires a specific set of skills in mastering the brewing and serving of tea.

As the tea students develop their sense of taste and scent, they will be able to get a look at the many exotic varieties at hand. The shop carries ranges of green tea, black tea, oolong, oriental mystery tea as well as a series of wooded and floral teas. All products are of Chinese origin.

Advanced tea connoisseurs might be looking for a more unusual or exceptional flavor. The shop also carries some rare and aged traditional teas of the Pu-Erh variety, as well as Tieguanyin, Longjing and rice scented Oolong tea. An exceptional pear and apple scented Bai Mudan white tea has proven to be one of the most desirable items so far.

Aside from its tea assortment, the shop also carries a fine selection of artisan tea ware, with both classical and contemporary tea sets and iconic Yixing clay teapots.

The Lin family has extensively travelled the oldest and most historic Chinese tea regions.  They can share their in-depth knowledge on the tea growing and aging process and can advise on what sets the different planters and varieties apart.

Tea culture is very significant to the Lin family. For Olivia Lin, "In China, drinking tea is almost as important and vital as drinking water on a daily basis".

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