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Six Reasons Why 2017 is the Year to Buy Antiques

There can be many reasons why people fall in love with an antique sideboard or an Art Deco candy dish. Ask them about it, and each one will probably give you a different reason why they chose to live with a blast from the past. Here are just a few reasons why loving and living with antiques can be more than just a hobby.

1. Shake up your interior

Do you live in a cocoon of minimalism and straight lines? Add some flexibility to your space by introducing an antique with a more baroque and opulent side. An opulent Louis XV bombe commode could add the necessary flair and set off a completely new focal point in your interior.

Or maybe you want to change things up in a room that has too many shades of beige. Try adding the warm Brazilian wooden tones of a mid-century modernist piece. By creating contrasts between modern and antique, you can lighten up a space and give a fresh new identity to your room.

Take your home interior to a new level by combining the predictable with the unexpected.


2. Express Yourself

If you're looking for something with character and individuality for your interior, you cannot go wrong with an antique or vintage piece.

With an almost endless multitude of styles and periods to choose from, you'll be confident to find something to fit your unique taste. Oftentimes, exceptional decorative items or furniture pieces started out their life as conversation pieces, a status which they still hold today. No matter which way you go, you are certain to find a one-of-a-kind item that might well become the main talking point at your next party.


3. Invest your heart out

One important thing to keep in mind is that antiques will never lose their resale value.

If one day you happen to get tired with your piece, you can always sell it and quite possibly make a handsome profit. In most cases, factors such as authenticity, age, condition, uniqueness and overall desirability make these collector's items a very safe investment for the future. So if you are considering buying an antique, make sure you go for superior quality in case you want to put it back on the market at a later time.

But as with many things in your life, buy what you like. It might very well become the next big trend in the antiques market. And if not, then at least you will own a piece that brings you joy and makes you feel at home.


4. It lasts a lifetime

Antiques are quality pieces from a time when craftsmanship was highly valued.

You'll likely find a unique item that was hand-crafted with the finest materials available. The fact that so many vintage pieces are still around today speaks volumes about their resilience. After all, why settle for a cheaper piece of lower quality that might only last a few years of wear and tear? Instead, go for a high-quality item that was built to last.

You will certainly make a statement when it comes to the environment. Going for an antique always means going green.


5. Create a new heirloom

Most pieces have already lasted for generations before you buy them, so why not turn them into heirlooms that your children can inherit some day?

You might be at the beginning of a new family tradition, especially if you involve your kids in the decision making process while you’re tracking down your antiques. Your children will be likely to inherit with pride a piece that they have had a strong personal connection with. This way a fresh layer of family history can be added to an already storied piece.


6. Take me back to the ballgame

People are often looking for an antique with a specific historical value to it. Maybe you are looking for an icon that symbolizes a certain time period that you cherish. Or you might want to look into artifacts that belonged to your favorite celebrity, or date to the reign of a bygone monarchy.

Our childhood memories can sometimes drive our desire to surround ourselves with items that have the power to take us back to a treasured moment in the past. Try finding that old wall clock that once hung in your mother’s kitchen, or maybe look for a baseball bat just like the one you had as a kid.

You might not find an identical piece at the end of your quest, but the thrill you get from antiques hunting can make you feel like a kid again. And who knows what you might find along the way. Sometimes exploring the past is never more fun than at an antique store.

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