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  • Ystad Metall

    Designer Name: Ystad Metall

    Born-Died: N.A.

    Style: Ystad Metall is a Swedish company currently known for their characteristically mid-century designs featuring stylized arcs and foliate forms in metal.

    Materials Used: Ystad-Metall was a Swedish-based company that manufactured decorative objects such as candlesticks with a variety of materials including copper, brass, bronze, tin and other forged materials.

    Specialized In: Furniture

    Swedish-based Ystad’s Metallindustri began in 1833. Initially, they made fittings for chests and safes and manufactured trolleys and seals. However, these productions ceased with a change of ownership in 1919 when the company instead focused on manufacturing decorative objects. Throughout the 20th century, the firm designed and manufactured some of the most notable brass and bronze home accessories of the twentieth century. Over the years, the firm collaborated with a handful of established designers including Wiwen Nilsson, Stig Blomberg, Anna Thulin, Ivar Ålenius-Björk, Hugo Gehlin, Ulla Fogelklou-Skogh, Carl-Einar Borgström, Gunnar Ander, Hans Bergström and Oscar Antonsson.

    The firm's name was eventually changed to Ystad-Metall (ca. 1920). Some of this company's most iconic designs were developed during the decades before and after the Second War World. In the late 1930’s, the “Liljan” candlestick (designed by Ivar Ålenius-Björk) became the company’s most timeless and iconic product. It was designed for the World’s Fair in 1939 and depicted a stylized pair of lily leaves that were held by a tapered candlestick.

    Over the years, Ystad continued to employ some of each era’s most talented and prolific Swedish product designers. They worked with notable artisans such as Gunnar Ander, who utilized old-world craftsmanship and techniques to produce decidedly modern objects and iconic lighting for the firm.

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