Exploring The Wonders Of Vintage Clocks

Exploring The Wonders Of Vintage Clocks

Vintage clocks are more varied and appeal to more diverse interests than almost any other type of antique furniture or vintage home accessory. Depending on its style, a clock can show off the talents of the clockmaker and the cabinet maker, as well as the jeweler, the engraver, and even the detail painter. Vintage clocks are often considered works of art.

There are many different types of clocks and it’s good to consider whether you’re looking for a cuckoo clock, a grandfather, or something to set on your mantel when you are thinking about which one is right for you.

Longcase Clocks

These are also known as grandfather clocks and can be up to eight feet tall (grandmother clocks are generally shorter). These clocks are freestanding and driven by a pendulum. Many of the oldest cases are made of walnut or mahogany and are often decorated with flowers, birds, or other carvings. One of the most famous grandfather clock makers was John Ellicott in the 18th century.

Vintage Wall Clocks

Most antique wall clocks were built to be hung on the walls in public buildings like taverns, assembly rooms, meeting halls, and inns. Their faces were sizable with large numbers so they could be read from a distance. Many were made from mahogany and oak. Later, walnut and rosewood was used to craft more detailed clocks for railway stations, shops, and offices. In the 19th century, a Vienna clockmaker by the name of Gustav Becker sold more than 300,000 clocks every year.

Carriage Clocks

Carriage clocks are one of the most popular kinds of vintage clocks that collectors desire. These clocks are portable, small, have a handle for carrying, and are spring driven. Considered delicate and romantic, the leading clockmaker for this style was Abraham-Louis Breguet who created them in the late 1700s through the early 1800s. Look for these clocks with their winding key and original travelling cases for the most valuable and collectable quality.

Antique Bracket Clocks

This style of clock can be as old as the mid-17th century, when their spring-driven pieces were designed, and the pendulum was invented. Bracket clocks are also known as mantle clocks or table clocks and are miniature versions of grandfather clocks with similar dials and pendulums, except they are, obviously, smaller.

British vintage bracket clocks are generally wooden; however, French clocks can be made of wood, ceramic, marble, china, metals, and other materials.

Vintage Novelty Clocks

Throughout history, clockmakers have had fun creating clocks that are unique. Believe it or not, cuckoo clocks are in this category. Whether the novelty clocks have mechanical figures, musical features like chirping birds or chimes, special carvings, or something else added to it, they are highly collectible. In addition, skeleton clocks are not made of bones, but they are built with the center open to show off the elaborate yet delicate mechanisms inside. The more complex and unique these clocks are, the higher their collectability and value.

Buying Vintage Clocks

Even though almost every screen in a home also has a clock on it (microwaves, television cable boxes, computers, cell phones, etc.) there’s still nothing like a beautifully handcrafted vintage clock.

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