Showplace conducts live auctions in our gallery. Bidders can join us and bid live in the room. The advantage to coming in person is that you can have the opportunity to look over our lots yourself before bidding begins and you get the best sense of the energy in the room.

When you arrive, visit the registration desk in order to receive a bidder number. Government-issued photo ID and a valid credit card are needed to get a paddle. If you are bidding on one of the first 50 lots it is recommended to arrive 15-30 minutes before the start of the auction. Due to COVID-19 seats are distanced and we are offering in person bidding at limited capacity. Masks are required at all times.


Live online bidding is available from the comfort of your own home! On our website, you can place bids and watch the live stream of the auction.

If you are unable to participate live, you can use the site to register an absentee bid prior to the auction. Bidders can also participate in our auctions on Liveauctioneers, Bidsquare, and Invaluable. You must be approved to bid online with Showplace before the auction. We recommend registering online at least one day before the auction date.

If you don’t have one already, create an account on You will need to individually register for each different auction you would like to participate in. Once you register your registration will be pending until it is approved. You will get an email once your registration has been approved, allowing you to start bidding.

To place your bid: select your max bid amount in the drop down menu and click the check.

For the best chance of winning your item, we recommend bidding live on our website on auction day.


Absentee Bids, also known as left bids or order bids, work exactly as if the bidder were in the salesroom bidding up to a predetermined price limit, except that the price limit is confidentially given to Showplace. 

Our auctioneer will bid on your behalf alternately against other bidders until the bidding ends. In the event that the other bidders drop out before reaching the full amount of your left bid, you will purchase the lot at the next increment.

In House Absentee Bids Showplace offers the option of leaving Absentee Bids with our Client Services department in person during our exhibition or by calling 212-633-6063 x 808. Absentee bids will be accepted no later than 5pm (EST) on the evening before the auction. These bids are executed at the auction in the same fashion as an absentee bid (see above).

Online Absentee Bids: Buyers may conveniently place absentee bids through our online catalogues (link to Internet absentee bids may be submitted any time prior to a lot going live on auction day. Internet absentee bidders must register prior to bidding. This process can take up to 24 hours. Be sure to register in advance in order to be able to place bids.

You can leave an absentee bid by entering the highest amount you are willing to pay for the lot before the auction closes. If a competing bid is placed on that lot, the computer system will automatically place the next highest bid on your behalf until your maximum is reached. Being outbid means someone is offering to pay more on a lot you placed a bid on. You should get a notification email as soon as someone outbids you. Please note that our auctions are also listed on major auction websites (Liveauctioneers, Bidsquare and Invaluable) so even if you are leading on our site it does not mean you are leading in the auction.


Telephone bidding allows you to be able to bid as if you are in the auction room. A member of the auctions team will call you during the auction several minutes before your lot goes live. Please be sure to be available at the telephone number you give us at least a half an hour before the estimated call time. Once the bidding begins, a member of our staff will guide you through the bidding as it proceeds. We will relate the asking price as it increases, and you can communicate with us about whether you want to place or increase your bid.  We will make every effort to contact you, but cannot be held accountable if we are unable to reach you. Bidding can move very quickly, so be prepared to respond swiftly if you wish to compete for a lot.

Phones are reserved on a first come, first served basis; though we will do our best to accommodate everyone wishing to bid by telephone, it will be to your advantage to reserve a phone early! Phone reservations can be received no later than 5 PM EST the day prior to the auction date.

Please be advised telephone bidding is recommended for serious buyers looking to bid competitively on items.

Once your bid is registered by our auctions team you will get a confirmation email. We will need a major credit card number and a copy of your photo ID to complete your reservation, though you are welcome to pay for your winning auction items by other means.