Why Do People Collect Antiques?

Why Do People Collect Antiques?

Many people like to collect items that have significant age. But the word “antique” doesn't always mean simply “old." What is so attractive about true antique collecting?

Do you collect antiques? What kind of antiques do you collect? Furniture? Jewelry? Or just any little thing that happens to strike your fancy while strolling through countryside swap meets and flea markets? How learned are you when it comes to antiques? Can you spot one a mile away or do you have to do some pretty serious inspecting (magnifying glass, jeweler’s loop, etc.) before you are assured that what you're looking at is something that truly is an antique (and not a knockoff, worthless, or just plain old)?

Whatever process you use to verify your antiques, wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to go through all that bother? That's why any number of antique collectors find a place or two from which to purchase that are trustworthy and knowledgeable. That remains their standby antique location. Of course, nothing quite matches the exhilaration a true antique aficionado experiences when coming across a rare find at some off the grid little mom and pop shop or flea market.

But what's the draw? Why on earth do folks get so excited about finding old stuff? Why do people collect antiques?

Antique Dealers

Whether collecting as a hobby or a business, a good antique dealer is going to have a vast knowledge when it comes to all kinds of antiques. The hope here, of course, is to find a rare item at a ridiculously low price and sell it for a more than reasonable profit. Some people actually make a career out of this method.

Using Antiques for Decorating

A beautiful interior design statement can be achieved through decorating a home primarily with antique pieces. While the look doesn't suit more minimalist tastes, some people prefer the way a room full of antiques makes them feel.

Everybody Needs a Hobby

Some people collect baseball cards. Some people collect stamps. And then there are those who collect any and every antique they can find. Whether they just like the way comfortable old items look in their home, sell them when they get repeats (or too many at one time), or simply enjoy the excitement they feel at the discovery of a new treasure, antiquing is a hobby that is enjoyed by many.

The Thrill of the Find

Numerous antique connoisseurs scour the entire country on the outside chance that they will experience the thrill of a lifetime through uncovering some long lost, rare, hard-to-find antique item.

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Sometimes, antiques can help people reconnect with a favorite time in their life  – an experience they enjoyed as a child or as a younger adult. It helps them take a sentimental journey of sorts.

Antique Restoring and Selling

Though the restoration of antiques is a tricky business, there is money to be made here. It may take a little practice, but the restoring of antiques can be fun, interesting, and a good way to make a little extra cash.

One excellent place to see a vast array of antiques, all in one concentrated area, is Showplace Antique + Design Center in Manhattan. Showplace has an array of fashion, jewelry, fine art, decorative objects, lighting, furniture, and much more. Live auctions (which are fun, interesting, and a great place to find good deals) are held on a regular basis. To find out more about how an avid antique collector can score big.

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